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For the Little Hearts!

Hope lives in the hearts of many little children that some day they will also be like their peers – they will meet new friends, they will be able to run and play together with them, will be able to secretly play small pranks and will be able to give joy to their parents with their good work. Unfortunately, there are children among us for whom this is only a hope. They suffer from diseases that prevent them from the joy of movement – infantile cerebral palsy, which is frequently accompanied by epilepsy, or some other genetic disease or a sudden injury that leaves consequences for the rest of their lives.

In many families, joy of the birth of a child is shadowed by news about a disease that cannot be cured. Premature birth or birth trauma is the most frequent case when the diagnosis is infantile cerebral palsy. Often diseases are accompanied by epileptic seizures. Despite the physical limitations, most of these children are clever and smart; they show good study results and have different talents. Support can be provided by rehabilitation programmes available in Latvia, for example, in the specialised health centres of Vaivari, Līgatne or Baltezers. Children receive annual state benefit to visit rehabilitation centres, but it is unfortunately not enough.

For every mother and father, their own child is the favourite and closest, regardless of the illness. It is not easy – many mothers have left their jobs so their children do not spend their days at a care institution. Parents do not give up, but fight for their children and always seek new possibilities to help them. A unique neurophysiologic rehabilitation method in the case of infantile cerebral palsy is offered by the Ukrainian Neurophysiological Clinic in Truskavets This is an expensive process that is not included in state covered services. But the results are very encouraging and provide huge progress in child development. Dolphin-assisted therapy in the Yevpatoria sanatorium in Iskra, Ukraine, as well as treatments in Tula and Novosibirsk, where transplantation surgery of stem cells also greatly help many children. Some parents have found treatment possibilities in the clinics of Saint Petersburg or Moscow, as well as in the clinics of Europe and the United States. Parents decide together with physicians upon the most appropriate type of treatment or rehabilitation.

By donating to these children, you help fulfil their dreams and let them feel that we care about their future. Let’s help them!



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