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Support for Roberts Ričards Gārstiņš

Roberts is eight years old and goes to school. Roberts was born prematurely and his basic diagnosis is a form of spastic diplegia of infantile cerebral palsy.

Roberts is intellectually developed and in this way is no different from his peers; he has a musical ear and speaks both Latvian ,and Russian. After several visits to Truskavets, significant results have been achieved; however, Roberts is already growing up and rehabilitation is becoming more difficult – his coordination has to be developed. He can walk a bit on his own by holding someone’s hand; he can crawl and is able to get onto the couch. At school, he moves around with a walker or in a wheelchair.

Roberts is persistent and works a lot for his development – at home he trains on the running and stepper machines. He enjoys riding a bike if somebody is holding him, is delighted by swimming pool exercises and likes Reitertherapy. He shows great interest in sports; he watches them with enthusiasm on TV and dreams to one day play football with his classmates. He is sure that he will be able to stand on his own legs!

Repeated visit to Truskavets, medical exercises and dolphin therapy in Yevpatoria, as well Reiterthrerapy available in Latvia, will make Roberts’ dream more real and will let him stand strong on his own legs. Let us help him achieve this!

For more information about Roberts, please contact his mother, Solvita, by calling +371 29739222 or by writing .

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