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Support for Jeļena Ļevočko

Jeļena is 15 years old. When she was born, she weighed only 1 175 grams and was 34 centimetres long. Jeļena was born prematurely in the sixth month of the pregnancy. At the age of one and a half years, she was diagnosed with infantile cerebral palsy. At the age of four, Jeļena had eye surgery to improve her vision.

The family regularly works with Jeļena; rehabilitation is provided at Vaivari Centre. Jeļena is in her fourth year of being home-schooled and keeps in touch with friends via the Internet. She really likes to create appliqué works and origami.

Unfortunately, Jeļena’s health condition severely affects her everyday life – because of the disease, she often suffers form headaches and back pain, sometimes collapsing on the street because she is not able to control her body. Even after eye surgery, she still squints and has poor vision.

To give Jeļena hope for becoming healthier and more like her peers, her mother wishes to provide her daughter with rehabilitation at the International Clinic of Rehabilitation in Truskavets, Ukraine. With the support of contributors, Jeļena has already completed one rehabilitation course. Her health has improved, her walk has become more stable and she has become physically stronger.

Jeļena’s family is thankful to all the contributors and hope for their support in the future to provide their daughter this much-needed rehabilitation in Ukraine.

LVL 4 560 are needed to support Jeļena.

Let’s help Jeļena!

For more information on Jeļena, please contact her mother by calling +371 22307598.

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