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Support for Daniels Čulijs

Daniels is eight years old. After being born, he was located in intensive care and then spent a long period of time at the Children’s Hospital. He was smiling and happy, but his physical development was impaired.

Daniels was diagnosed with infantile cerebral palsy at the age of 10 months.

Daniels’ family is trying to help their son in every way they can. He regular attends rehabilitation courses in Vaivari at the Children's Clinical Hospital Gaiļezers and at the Sanatorium Baltezers. Additionally, he constantly attends medical exercise sessions. All these rehabilitation courses are very helpful to him.

By the age of five, Daniels could only pronounce a few words. He could walk with support, could sit only with support, but could not crawl.

Daniels has visited the International Clinic of Rehabilitation in Ukraine five times. These rehabilitation courses have provided significant improvements to the his health.

After completing the first course, he started to crawl and after the second, his speech abilities improved and he was able to join words to form sentences. After the third course Daniels started to stand straighter, became more stable and had improved hand movements. He started to move around on his knees, and is now able to open doors and pick items up off the table. His health improves after each rehabilitation session.

Daniels also visited a speech therapy kindergarten. This year, he has begun the studies at school. Daniels really likes to learn.

His life is becoming more active and more interesting. Daniels enjoys drawing, sculpting and listening to music. He likes to build things using small objects and blocks.

Daniels is a very clever boy. He is very polite and dedicated, but has severe physical disabilities.

Daniels’ family is truly thankful to all the contributors and hopes for future support to provide this much needed rehabilitation in Ukraine for their son.

LVL 2 100 are needed to support Daniels.

Let’s help Daniels!

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