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Donor's Rights

Every contributor has the right to:

  • be informed about the mission, goals and purpose, for which donations are meant for the donation recipient organisation, as well as on the ability of the organisation to use the donation effectively;
  • be certain that his or her funds will be used precisely for the goals for which they where donated;
  • be informed about the Board members of the organisation and expect honesty from these people when managing the implementation of the donation;
  • become acquainted with reports of organisation finances and activities;
  • receive appropriate public appreciation;
  • be certain that his donation will be treated with dignity and confidentiality will be observed to the extent permitted by the Law;
  • expect that all relations with the persons who represent the recipient organisation of the donation will be fully professional and honest;
  • ask questions and immediately receive honest and open answers.

About us is a charity organization founded in 2003 with the mission to channel individual and business donations to people in need. is offering a safe, easy and transparent way to support carefully verified and selected charity projects, to follow-up their progress and be sure your donation has reached the goal.

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