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Support for Antonijs Nesons

Antonijs is a joyful and curious, four year old boy, who would like to grow up and become a doctor. He has learnt all the letters of the alphabet and can count to ten. Unfortunately, he cannot walk. Antonijs’ was diagnosed with infantile cerebral palsy.

Antonijs was born in the 29th week of pregnancy and weighed only 1 400 grams. His first month and a half was spent in an incubator, enclosed by countless wires and tubes. Only at the age of two and a half months and weighing 2 300 grams did Antonijs leave the hospital and see his home for the first time.

Each rehabilitation course improves his health. Now he is already moving around by crawling and can slightly stand up by supporting himself; his finer motor functions are also improving. Thank you everyone, who helped!

Antonijs’ mother believes that she will have the chance to help her child because she knows that there are people in this world who can and are willing to support those who really need help. Her and Antonijs’ dream is that he could one day walk on his own.

Rehabilitation is planned at the International Clinic of Rehabilitation in Truskavets and the dolphinarium in Yevpatoria, as well as at Vaivari Rehabilitation Centre.

Let’s help with our donations, and let’s give Antonijs the hope of walking!

For more information about Antonijs, please contact his mother, Jeļena, by calling +371 29195085. 

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