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Support for Santa Simsone and Māris Simsons

Santa and Māris are brother and sister. Māris is six and Santa is ten.

Both children were born prematurely, in the seventh month of pregnancy. Māris weighed only 980 grams, Santa – 1310 grams. Both children have infantile cerebral palsy.

Thanks to the support of contributors, Santa and Māris had the chance to receive the necessary rehabilitation! Treatment was provided – several rehabilitation courses in the International rehabilitation clinics in Truskavets, Ukraine.

Thank you for your support and donations! The children’s health has improved.

Māris had a surgery for his legs in the Munich Orthopaedic Clinics. He has a good chance of walking some day. Now, rehabilitation is necessary for him to be able to walk. He is wants very much to stand up on his own. Māris is striving to be able to make his first 10 steps alone.

Santa has difficulties with walking and needs surgery in Germany. After having examined Santa, doctors are capable of performing such surgery.

Unfortunately, their parents cannot collect the necessary money because two disabled children require a lot of care, assets and time every day. For the brother and sister to be able to receive these treatments, a total of LVL 18 000 are needed.

For more information about the children, please contact their parents by calling: +371 26271220.

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