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Support for Zane Pelša and Guna Pelša

Zane is now two years and four months old. Guna is 10 months old.

Both girls are diagnosed with unspecified metabolic disorders, symptomatic epilepsy, psychomotor development delay, optic nerve atrophy and central vision disorder.

The actual diagnosis and the causes of the disease, as well as why it was also inherited by little Guna, is currently unavailable.

These diagnoses mean that the condition of the girls is severe, they suffer from cramp seizures every day, are blind, currently can not sitting on their own, do not crawl, roll, use their hands, talk or smile. The girls are completely dependent.

Information was acquired on positive results in the development and treatment of such children in the United States at the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential.

One treatment course in the Institute costs LVL 6 000. Support is needed for both sisters. The amount needed is LVL 12 000.

The family visited the United States for the first time this past spring, where a development programme tailored to Zane was created.

Working with this programme, Zane has started to hear, correctly respond to sounds, has started to distinguish between hot and cold and distinguish different materials. Her vision has also improved – Zane can distinguish light from dark and can see objects, and tries to look at her mother and father. Although she is still unable to crawl due to the intense cramps, the tension in Zane’s hands has decreased and she is starting to put her hands forward (up) and tries to pull herself forward.

A special seizure reduction therapy is also available in the United States that incorporates special food supplements and vitamins, dosed precisely for Zane’s needs, and includes special breathing training. And it is providing results – the cramps are decreasing. The same development programme is also being used with Guna.

To perform these procedures, one of the parents must leave work, meaning only one of the parents can work a paid job to provide for the entire family. The special diet for Zane also creates additional expenses. The family currently has only enough money to get by.

Zane and Guna’s family really hopes for the support of contributors to help their daughters recover!

For more information about the little girls, please contact their mother by calling +371 29995753 or send an e-mail to .

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