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STOPIFY donations is on their way to the defenders of Ukraine!

2 cross-country motorcycles, pickups, 5 drons, tablets and memory cards, water purification plants, Eco Flow charging stations and other things go on their way to Ukraine.


The head of Rūta Dimanta has received the Ukrainian armed forces award!

The head of, Rūta Dimanta, received the personal awards of the chief of the Ukrainian armed forces, Valery Zalužnija, “for assistance to the army” for assistance to the armed forces and active volunteering work under war conditions.


Over half a year, more than 155 thousand euros were channelled in taromates for charity

For charity, a deposit fee of 1, 552 108 for deposit packages or 155, 210.8 euros is channelled. Of these, 63, 851 euro was donated to Ukrainian refugee children, 61 304 euro for animal shelters and 30, 054 euro for the support of seniors. The donated funds in the form of practical assistance continue to reach the beneficiaries by providing various daily goods, including food, clothing, medicines and school supplies, as well as covering various acute services.


First humanitarian aid shipped to the Kakhovka flood affected

Today, the first consignment - plastic boats, tents, rubber boots, portable gas stoves, food and hygiene goods, as well as animal feed - is going to Kakhovka HES flood affected districts.


Ukrainian children celebrations on the day of international children's protection!

Celebrating the International Day for the Protection of Children, Ukrainian children have been given holidays!


RT @LRZinas: Katram ir iespēja palīdzēt plūdos cietušajiem Ukrainas iedzīvotājiem! Ziedot iespējams portālā @ziedot_lv vai zvanot uz labdar…

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