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Support for Ivans Dejevs

Ivans is one year and five months old. He was born typically hypotonic – he did not open his eyes and did not nurse. Diagnosis – Prader-Willi syndrome from birth, which is an inherited chromosomal pathology. This means that the Ivans does not crying, does not make any sounds, does not sit up and does not crawl. Eating is also difficult and muscle hypotonia is present. The disease leaves consequences for the rest of the life on the mental as well as on the physical health of its patients. Ivans requires special care and regular rehabilitation.

Ivans’ parents are striving to help their son as they can. Thanks to their persistence, he was provided a chance of treatment in Saint Petersburg at the Human Brain Institute, where with the help of a special method, his development was promoted. After the first treatment course, Ivan started to hold his head up, can roll, eats better and is even able to sit up on his own for a few minutes.

LVL 6 000 are necessary for little Ivans to be able to continue his development. The family does not have such money and are turning to others for support.

For more information about Ivans, please contact his mother, Olga Dejeva, by calling +371 26412733.

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