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Support for Valērija Žukova

Valērija is a joyful, curious six year old girl. Her diagnosis – infantile cerebral palsy. She cannot sit up, walk or eat on her own.

Valērija really loves animals. She reads fluently on her own and is interested in everything around her.

An integral part of improving Valērija’s health is rehabilitation. Treatment and rehabilitation provided by her parents is performed with the hope and certainty, that they will teach Valērija to sit up, walk and run and to be healthy and wholesome.

The rehabilitation foundation in Odessa for disabled children, Future, can help Valērija, as can the Sanatorium in Yevpatoria, Sevastopol. Unfortunately, the family cannot afford the visits to the sanatoriums and are asking for your support.

Support from others is very important. Let’s help Valērija!

For more information about Valērija, please contact her mother, Anželika Žukova, by calling +371 26706406.

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