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Fulfil a child's dream!

We, as healthy people, take getting up in the morning, getting dressed, having our breakfast and going out on our own for granted. Without the help of others, and without aids. But if we were to be deprived of our ability to walk, even for a day, we would find ourselves in the shoes of children and adolescents whose mobility is restricted due to congenital diseases or injuries. Children and adolescents with movement disorders want to be just like us, to enjoy the happiness of childhood, fall in love for the first time, and feel independent. Unfortunately, they are deprived of this. Instead - a broken heart and loneliness. Most often they spend their days at home with their relatives. Life happens through the window, but not in their lives.

Through regular and innovative rehabilitation, we can help these children and young people to become more independent and integrate into the peer community. In the current subprojects, you will find children waiting for our help to receive rehabilitation at the "Poga" centre. Let's help make a child’s dream come true!


The Project is placed online on: 01.01.2021 for donations does not charge any commissions or brokerage fees. All the donated money reaches 100% for its intended purpose. administrative costs not covered by your donations.

Aktuālie apakšprojekti:

Palīdzība Andžejam Borisikam

No 294.25 € saziedoti 117.00 €

Rehabilitācija 15 gadus vecam puisim

Palīdzība Matīsam Parcānam

No 2 470.00 € saziedoti 130.00 €

Rehabilitācija 18 gadus vecam jaunietim

Palīdzība Emīlijai Plēsumai

No 2 700.00 € saziedoti 2 728.34 €

Rehabilitācija 3 gadus vecai meitenītei

Palīdzība Rūtai Rudzei

No 4 770.00 € saziedoti 3 132.00 €

Rehabilitācija 12 gadus vecai meitenei

Palīdzība Mārcim Gabrielam Markovam

No 3 629.00 € saziedoti 2 483.18 €

Rehabilitācija 6 gadus vecam zēnam

Palīdzība Robertam Kreicburgam

No 4 030.00 € saziedoti 5 233.55 €

Rehabilitācija 8 gadus vecam zēnam

Palīdzība dvīņu brālīšiem

Saziedoti 4 592.74 €

Rehabilitācija dvīņu brālīšiem

M3SA - palīdzi bērniem veseļoties

Rehabilitācija centrā "Poga" bērniem ar kustību traucējumiem

Labdarības rallijs - Baltic Sea Circle 2020

Saziedoti 857.10 €

Rehabilitācija bērniem ar kustību traucējumiem

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Realizētie apakšprojekti:

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