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Stand With Ukraine

Russian forces have launched an attack on Ukraine violating Ukraine's sovereignty. Ukraine needs our support! We can not and we do not want to helplessly watch how Ukraine suffers from this brutal and senseless attack. We need to act to help children, elderly people, moms and dads, who are attacked by Russian forces. In this unjustified war we can not leave Ukraine alone!

We use the donated funds where it is most needed. In co-operation with the Ministry of Defense, fuel, medicines, technical assistance, body armor, helmets, tactical goggles and first aid items are being sent to Ukraine for the Ukrainian Defense Forces. Humanitarian aid - food, medicine, clothing, household and hygiene items are delivered to Ukraine in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In cooperation with local governments, we provide financial support to Ukrainian refugees in Latvia. We work closely with Entrepreneurs for Peace.


The Project is placed online on: 24.02.2022 for donations does not charge any commissions or brokerage fees. All the donated money reaches 100% for its intended purpose. administrative costs not covered by your donations.

Current subprojects:

Run for Ukraine's victory!

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Atbalsts Ukrainas aizsargiem

Palīdzība Uldim Volmāram

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Palīdzība latviešu brīvprātīgajam karavīram Ukrainā

Maltīšu komplekti ukraiņu karavīriem frontē

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Universālo maltīšu komplektu iegāde un sūtīšana uz fronti Ukrainā

Atbalsts latviešu brīvprātīgajiem Ukrainā

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Atbalsts latviešu brīvprātīgajiem, kuri karo par Ukrainu


Stream a small monthly donation to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Sandra Kalniete aicina – gaismu un siltumu ukraiņiem!

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Strāvas ģeneratori Ukrainai

Emociju stāsts

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Palīdzība Ukrainas jauniešiem

Siltas maltītes ukraiņu karavīriem frontē

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Silta maltīte ukraiņu karavīriem frontē

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Other topical projects

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