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Let’s save Ukraine’s cultural heritage!

The National Library of Latvia (NLL) is responding to an international initiative to provide support in rescuing the collections of Ukrainian archives, museums and libraries.

A Cultural Heritage Rescue Centre has been established at Lviv Polytechnic National University’s Scientific and Technical Library. Guardians of Ukraine’s cultural heritage are working there to ensure the preservation of cultural heritage treasures – packing and protecting the collections of Ukrainian archives, museums and libraries and delivering them to a safe place. They are also providing first aid to war casualties.

What our Ukrainian colleagues lack most are materials to use in the packaging and processing of the treasures. Therefore, the NLL and its employees call on the entire Latvian cultural heritage community – both professionals and like-minded people – to donate such materials. Let us remember that cultural heritage is shared by all humankind, and we all have the responsibility to help protect and preserve it for future generations.

Please donate money to purchase materials or help by donating specific materials! 

You can donate certain collection-protective materials:

  • thick cardboard boxes
  • rolls of bubble wrap and food wrap
  • adhesive tape, masking tape, insulating tape, mica insulating tape
  • different size crates and boxes
  • mineral wool
  • particle board and plywood
  • foil
  • construction foam
  • foam sheets
  • other fireproof and shock-absorbing materials

 You can donate specific materials:

  • Blue corrugated board – acid-free cardboard (3.14–7.90 mm)
  • Museum board – 100% cotton fibre, acid-free cardboard (3.33–6.16 mm)
  • Barrier paper – 100% cotton fibre, acid-free buffered paper (0.15 mm)
  • Standard paper – standard paper of chemically purified cellulose, acid-free (0.15 mm)
  • Foam-core board – foam sheets, extruded polystyrene coated with buffered paper, acid-free (5.44–13.26 mm)
  • Ethafoam – rigid polyethylene foam sheets, medium thickness (50 mm)
  • Pellon – non-woven polyester interfacing with long, white fibres, acid-free (0.09–25 mm)
  • Blotting paper – blotting paper made of 100% cotton fibre, pH neutral (0.62– 2.52 mm)
  • Quilted pellon – quilted interfacing from 100% polyester fibre, non-woven, acid-free (8.30 mm)
  • Quilted pellon – quilted interfacing made of 100% polyester fibres, non-woven, acid-free (6.54 mm)
  • Polyester batting – polyester interfacing with long, white fibres, non-woven, acid-free (12-25 mm)
  • Buffered tissue – buffered paper made of flax fibre with at least 10% calcium buffer, pH 8 and above (0.06 mm)
  • Unbuffered tissue – unbuffered paper, abaca fibre, acid-free (0.03 mm)
  • Photo-tex tissue – unbuffered, 100% cotton, sulphur-free fabric (0.15-0.20 mm)
  • Tyvek – dense 100% polyethylene fibre sheets, pH neutral and "soft" structures (0.15-0.20 mm)
  • Cotton tape – Twill weave – 100% cotton, pH neutral (19-32 mm wide)
  • Felt pellon (polyfelt) – felt interfacing made of 100% polyester, non-woven, light and chemically inert (0.3–0.6 cm)


The materials must be delivered to the NLL, where they will be assembled for transportation to Lviv.

 For specific delivery times and logistics, please call +371 28370890 during working hours or by e-mail to

 Read more about the international donation initiative HERE

Facebook page of the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Rescue Centre in Lviv

Facebook page of the Ukrainian Society for the Protection of Historical and Cultural Monuments


Information prepared by:

Augusts Zilberts

Public Relations Manager

National Library of Latvia


Phone: +371 26472501



The Project is placed online on: 18.03.2022

Project completed 08.04.2022 for donations does not charge any commissions or brokerage fees. All the donated money reaches 100% for its intended purpose. administrative costs not covered by your donations.

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