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Let’s help little hearts

Most children in their little hearts hold hope to live like their peers – meet new friends, horse around, surprise their parents with good deeds (and sometimes, less good ones). Unfortunately for some this remains just hope. They have been affected by illness that limit movement, such as stroke, often combined with epilepsy or other child disease or trauma the consequences of which might last a lifetime. The Latvian healthcare system sadly does not cover many types of therapy, especially long term rehabilitation.

This is a chance to help. Let’s do it!

The Project is placed online on: 01.01.2020 for donations does not charge any commissions or brokerage fees. All the donated money reaches 100% for its intended purpose. administrative costs not covered by your donations.

Aktuālie apakšprojekti:

Palīdzība Anastasijai Koloskovai

No 3 560.00 € saziedoti 2 115.04 €

Rehabilitācija 18 gadus vecai jaunietei

Palīdzība Mavrikam Mikosam

No 2 050.00 € saziedoti 1 746.67 €

ABA terapija 7 gadus vecam zēnam

Palīdzība Elzai Dzenei

No 6 179.00 € saziedoti 3 972.00 €

Rehabilitācija 8 gadus vecai meitenei

Palīdzība Iļjam Baranovam

No 2 886.00 € saziedoti 994.00 €

Terapija 12 gadus vecam zēnam

Palīdzība Paulam Reinardam Padžus- Tīsam

No 6 672.00 € saziedoti 6 239.50 €

Palīdzība smagi slimam puisēnam

Palīdzība Adrianam Čepulim

No 4 960.00 € saziedoti 4 444.39 €

ABA terapijas nodarbības mazam zēnam

Palīdzība Montai Vasarai-Beķerei

No 3 500.00 € saziedoti 6 208.60 €

Rehabilitācija 10 gadus vecai meitenei

Palīdzība Zeihānam Stacjukevičam

No 2 613.00 € saziedoti 1 328.53 €

Terapija mazam puisēnam

Palīdzība Tomasam Jēkabsonam

No 4 608.00 € saziedoti 2 077.00 €

Rehabilitācija 13 gadus vecam puisim

Palīdzība Georgijam Mihailovam

No 2 866.00 € saziedoti 994.99 €

Terapija 12 gadus vecam zēnam

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Realizētie apakšprojekti:

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