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Critical care assistance

The need for critical care can strike suddenly, turning the lives of the individual affected and those closest to them upside down. It can temporarily or permanently affect an individual’s ability to work or care for themselves, and treatments for chronic or rare cases can swiftly deplete individual or family savings. Operations can be particularly costly and those who can't afford the fees have to wait in the queue for government sponsored treatment, since quotas for treatments fill quickly. The longer the patient has to wait the more pain they suffer, the more dependent they become on pain management (through medication or otherwise), and the more likely they are to develop complications or become permanently impaired. Each year about 10,000 Latvian residents become impaired. considers each request for support individually, providing financial assistance to help obtain any required treatment from rehabilitation to medicine.

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Atkārtota palīdzība Oskaram Kacēnam

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Rehabilitācija Latvijā

Palīdzība Antrai Šīronei

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Atkārtota palīdzība Zanei Tipānei

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Rehabilitācija Latvijā

Palīdzība Jānim Kaurātam

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Palīdzība pēc pārciesta insulta

Atkārtota palīdzība Sailai Rasai

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Medikamenti smagas slimības ārstēšanai

Palīdzība Oļesjai Kapeļkai

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Medikamenti retas slimības ārstēšanai

Palīdzība Gunāram Šustovam

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Rehabilitācija pēc parciestas paralīzes

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