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Let's Help Kristine Brente

Kristine is 44 years old, she is raising a 5-year-old daughter and working as a preschool teacher. For 7 years, Christine suffered from severe headaches. 2 years ago, when Kristine began to see a doubling of vision, she was sent to a magnetic resonance that revealed a large-sized malignant tumor, meningioma.

At the beginning of 2018, the doctors' council in Kristine meant an operation. However, as it was not possible to do this in Latvia, Kristine was approved for the state-funded operation at Carl Gustav Carus University Clinic in Dresden, Germany. In early November, Christine went to Germany to return home 8 days after the surgery.

Unfortunately, the operation caused severe complications and Kristine has been treating in Germany for almost four months. Kristine is not able to breathe or eat, she is placed in the tracheostomy for breathing and is fed with enteric mixtures. She can only speak whisper, vision has not improved, there is a visual defect in one eye, weakness in one hand. She can walk with the support devices for just a few steps.

The state-funded time in the German clinic is over, Kristine must return to Latvia and continue to recover here. In such a difficult condition, he can only be transported by special medical transport under the supervision of a medical team. The Emergency Medical Service offers a transport and medical team service costing up to € 5500. Christine's family does not have such means, the family is in shock of how long the recovery will take and how much money it may still need. That's why Kristine's mom Ilze asks for help from her peers to bring her daughter home.

Let's help Kristine!

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