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For Chronically and Terminally Ill People

An illness is never planned. It is merciless and painful. provides help for the treatment and care of chronically ill and terminally ill people. In exceptional cases, accepts individual support requests for social assistance.

When a person is chronically or terminally ill, they experience pain, physical weakness, and hopelessness. They often need medications not reimbursed by the state; medical consultations, rehabilitation, and diagnostics that lack reimbursed spaces. It is expensive to be ill, and often the ill person cannot afford to pay for everything needed.

After suffering from a stroke, heart attack, cancer, or other serious illness that has become untreatable, the patient is dependent on others and requires care. Those can be a few weeks or months, but sometimes - several years. Families who care for terminally ill loved ones need immeasurable emotional and physical strength, as well as significant financial means. Caring, moving, washing, and administering medication — fall on the shoulders of the family. Often a person from the family has to quit their job to take care of the patient.

Medications, medical consultations, diagnostics, rehabilitation, diapers, bed sheets, special equipment for the care and washing of laterally positioned people, wound care products, dressings, and many other products are needed daily. People with serious illnesses often also need special medical nutrition because they cannot consume the nutrients by themselves anymore. Medications and care at home or at institutions cost several hundreds of euros a month. The loved ones of the patient struggle or cannot afford to pay. We cannot allow to leave chronically and terminally ill people without help.

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