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21.09.2009 / Project

Support for Santa Simsone and Māris Simsons

Santa and Māris are brother and sister. Māris is six and Santa is ten.
Both children were born prematurely, in the seventh month of pregnancy. Māris weighed only 980 grams, Santa – 1310 grams. Both children have infantile cerebral palsy.
Thanks to the support of contributors, Santa and Māris had...

21.09.2009 / Project

Support for Oļesja Seņko

Oļesja is four years old. The girl has infantile cerebral palsy and spastic tetraparesis.
Oļesja is a smart and curious girl. She wants to live as other children. She likes to draw, sing, and play musical instruments.
With the help of her family's funds and with the money donated by contributors...


‘’Jūs neesat mūsu gaisma tuneļa galā, jūs esat gaisma tunelī, roka, ar kuras palīdzību ātrāk nonākt pie gaismas,’’-…

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