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Support for 21st November tragedy victims

Everyone in Latvia is together in their thoughts with victims and their families of tragedy that occurred on November 21st. They are not alone. And they won’t be alone. Because the whole nation is with them and ready to help.

Evening of November 21st was fatal to dozens of Latvian families when a roof of a supermarket collapsed in Zolitude, Riga. Unimaginable tragedy has erased many lives and left many people suffering for their losses.

All victims are receiving medical assistance at this moment. But the misfortune hurts for a long time and your support will be needed long after sirens go off and when ordinary life starts.

With fellow people donations we will provide everyone in need with social and medical help. We’ll be ready to help every victim if this will be necessary.

The Project is placed online on: 22.11.2013

Project completed 15.06.2017 for donations does not charge any commissions or brokerage fees. All the donated money reaches 100% for its intended purpose. administrative costs not covered by your donations.

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