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02.12.2009 / Project

02.12.2009 / Project

24.11.2009 / Project

Let’s help Niks hear his mother

Niks is twelve years old and has severe fourth level bilateral sensoneural hearing impairment. Niks is joyful and active and is interested in everything related to motor sports. Since a very early age, Niks has learnt to lip-read, since disacousia prevents him from hearing others.
Niks has diffi...

10.11.2009 / Project

Angels over Latvia 2009

When we donate, we turn into angels. This is because we have made the dream of some child to live a fulfilling life come true!
Also this Christmas, we invite everyone to join the most generous charity campaign of the year – Angels Over Latvia. The support of guardian angels will give Matīss (9 ye...

15.10.2009 / Project

Home for the Eagles

Some of the largest and most noble birds –ospreys and golden eagles – need your support for building “family nests”! The forests of Latvia are the residence of these rare and protected birds, but as the result of the logging industry, their nesting locations are destroyed and their survival is en...


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