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Dental Treatment for People with Special Needs

People with mental illnesses and disorders experience great problems with dental health. Often, these people have bad dental health because they are not aware of the necessity of dental hygiene; cannot do it adequately; and don't allow their caretakers to do it. As a result, their teeth decay faster and more frequently, and the general state of their teeth is worse. Sometimes they cannot say that a tooth hurts, so teeth and gum infections can go unnoticed and cause more health problems. Dental procedures in these cases often are possible only under general anesthesia. People with mental illnesses or disorders cannot cooperate with the dentist, do not understand the dentist's instructions, and are not ready to open their mouths. The expenses for general anesthesia are from 200 euros/hour, many times at least two hours are necessary to fix or extract several teeth. The bill for one visit can add up to 1000 euros. These people do not receive discounts for dental treatment. Many families cannot afford to pay such bills and require help.

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