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The 2022 donation of JSC "Latvia’s State Forests" has been distributed in grants to 41 non-profit projects


JSC “Latvia’s State Forests” donated €311,613.07 in 2022 towards social projects. 111 applications totalling €1,055,174.86 were received. The winning projects have been selected and the donation amount has been distributed in grants to 41 non-profits across Latvia. 

  • 7 projects in the Kurzeme region;
  • 6 projects in the Zemgale region;
  • 2 projects in the Latgale region;
  • 17 projects in the Vidzeme region;
  • 9 projects operating across Latvia.

We are extending our congratulations to the non-profit partners who will be receiving the grants towards implementation of programs that support local communities. These social programs are particularly significant at this time given COVID-19 challenges and the crisis in Ukraine.

The 41 projects that have secured grants will provide substantial support to the following priority groups:

  • 16 non-profits will assist children and adults with special needs;
  • 12 non-profits will aid socially vulnerable groups; 
  • 8 non-profits will benefit elderly people by facilitating dignified and active lifestyles;
  • 5 non-profits will facilitate social integration of various social groups.

The details of the projects supported are available here.

A total of 111 applications totalling  €1,055,174.86 were received during the call for applications. This high level of interest is proof that facilitation of social support to local communities remains extremely important in Latvia.


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