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More than €1 million in donations for Ukraine!


Since Thursday morning, residents of Latvia have donated more than 3.7 million euros for Ukraine through has already provided support with 1 million euros from resident and company donations.

Donations are being used to support both civilians and the Ukrainian army and National Guard:

  • €243,888.46 euros have been donated through medicine, first aid products, thermal cameras and thermal binoculars and night vision devices. Recipient - National Guard of Ukraine;
  • Sent 500 tons of diesel fuel to the Ukrainian army;
  • €42,290.01 euros have been used to send different necessary items to civilians in Ukraine;
  • €14,068.28 euros have been spent to assist with transporting the residents of Ukraine from the Polish border to Latvia (fuel, road passes etc.); 
  • Purchased welcome packages to assist the Ukrainian refugees in Latvia (at the refugee centre), mostly grocery store gift cards, medicine, household goods - €15,000 euros. The first food packages and gift cards have already been issued.

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