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For Children With Autism

It is emotionally and physically difficult to raise a child with special needs, especially with autism spectrum disorder. These children only use a few words in communication, live in their own world, and have difficulty expressing their emotions.

Every parent hopes that their little angel will once say the words ''mum'' and ''dad''; learn those things that seem self-evident for parents of healthy children.

Children with autistic spectrum disorder suffer from not being able to express themselves. These children cannot be left alone, because they are not aware of the consequences of their actions. If they are not heard and understood, anger attacks can occur. During these moments, the child with autism can hurt themselves and their siblings.

For others, it is almost impossible to understand the anguish and helplessness experienced by the parents of these children. In the long term, families have to give up many things. Plan every step. Overcome stress and negative emotions. And the families need support and understanding from those around them. Their children don't have friends, spaces in kindergartens and schools, and dreams about a future profession.

There is no panacea to turn everything around. The acclaimed ABA therapy can help children with autism improve their social skills. ABA therapy teaches the child to communicate their feelings through signs and pictures. Unfortunately, ABA therapy is not paid for by the state and costs on average 3600 euros yearly. Additionally, these children require speech therapy, Montessori, occupational therapy, and other therapies. It is in our power to help these families pay for therapy!

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