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Doctor Dolphin

Dolphin therapy is a specialised technique that, when complemented by traditional therapies, can help dozens of seriously ill children in Latvia improve their daily life. Dolphin therapy is used with patients who have autism, cerebral palsy and other neurological disorders and can be recommended to children with specific deceases by an attending physician.

The dolphin's touch activates the entire body and has beneficial effects both physically and psychologically. It can help sharpen focus which allows the patient to accomplish what was previously unattainable. For example after dolphin therapy a child who was unable to speak may call their mother Mummy for the first time.

Dolphin therapy usually lasts 5-10 sessions, 25-30 minutes each and is led by a specially trained therapist, in addition to the dolphins and their trainers. This therapy is available in Lithuania and Belarus and with your donation will be able to cover the costs (EUR 800 - 1,750) for a number of children.

Let us help seriously ill children meet Doctor Dolphin!

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