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2 million euros in humanitarian aid for the people of Ukraine

As of next week the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will commence delivery of humanitarian aid to Ukraine.


More than €1 million in donations for Ukraine!

Since Thursday morning, residents of Latvia have donated more than 3.7 million euros for Ukraine through has already provided support with 1 million euros from resident and company donations.


The 2022 donation of JSC "Latvia’s State Forests" has been distributed in grants to 41 non-profit projects

JSC “Latvia’s State Forests” donated €311,613.07 in 2022 towards social projects. 111 applications totalling €1,055,174.86 were received. The winning projects have been selected and the donation amount has been distributed in grants to 41 non-profits across Latvia.


During 2021, paid almost €1 million towards the treatment of oncology patients.

During 2021, provided support totalling € 980,643 to 85 oncology patients, utilising donations from the general public and companies in Latvia.


Over the last 10 years JSC Latvia’s State Forests has donated more than € 5 million euros towards our charitable project

In the past 10 years, Latvia's State Forests has donated €5.4 million towards grants, supporting 254 non-profits and charities with 657 charitable projects.


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