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Visitors to the "Face of Peace" exhibition donate to support the people of Ukraine

At the exhibition "Face of Peace" by Kristine Luize Avotiņa and Ilze Avotiņa, visitors are invited to buy postcards of Kristine Luize Avotiņa's paintings as a donation to support Ukraine.


A new and significant donation reaches Ukraine - 3 generators and food!

At the request of the city of Lviv, Latvian donors have helped to buy 3 diesel generators and food.


43 quadricycles have already been sent to the defenders of Ukraine

43 quadricycles specially adapted for combat conditions have been sent to the defenders of Ukraine.


Ukraine has already received support in the amount of 12.5 million euros

Donations from fellow Latvians and companies have turned into real and practical help for Ukraine.


Support was provided to 813 Ukrainian refugee students

At the beginning of September, 813 Ukrainian refugee students each received a 50 EUR gift card to buy school supplies.


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