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10 Foxes for Ukraine!


The goal of the "10 Foxes for Ukraine" campaign is to send 10 VR FOX vehicles to the special forces of the Ukrainian army for special tasks. Vehicles of this type – with the ability to move quickly in difficult terrain – are especially necessary for the Armed Forces of Ukraine to perform reconnaissance and diversion tasks behind enemy lines.

This is the best way to test vehicles in combat conditions before they enter the Latvian NBS arsenal. A battle-tested car is not only an investment in the struggle for independence of Ukraine, but also in strengthening the Latvian army. In addition, cars in Ukraine come under the terms of a lease.

The destroyed cars remain in Ukraine, but the surviving cars are either sent back to Latvia or sold to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The returned machines are handed over for use by the Latvian Armed Forces, but the money obtained for the sold machines is directed to the purchase of new FOX by the Latvian NBS.

If sufficient funding is not collected during the campaign for the production of even one VR FOX car, all donated funds will be transferred to the association "AGENDUM" - Twitter Convoy for Ukraine.

Total campaign budget: up to 1,500,000 EUR plus VAT.

More information about VR FOX can be obtained on the website or by contacting via e-mail .

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