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Support for Haralds Zihmanis

Haralds is three and a half years old. He is a sweet and nice boy.

Haralds was born prematurely, in the 30th week of pregnancy. He spent the first month of his life together with his mother in the hospital. At the age of seven months, he was diagnosed with epilepsy and West syndrome.

The cause of the disease – premature birth due to placental detachment, as a result of which Haralds suffered from a lack of oxygen, which caused serious brain damage.

Since the age of three months, Haralds does exercises with physiotherapists according to the Bobot method, has visited two massage courses, and visits a micro speech therapist once a week. He has also been to the Vaivari Rehabilitation Centre, twice to the Sanatorium of Baltezers and regularly visits a physiotherapist in the rehabilitation department of the Jelgava District Hospital.

Haralds has visited the Jelgava kindergarten Rotaļa, in which integrative days are organised for special children, incorporating rehabilitation – a physiotherapist, speech therapist, psychologist and massage specialist, music therapist and a chance to have water procedures in the swimming pool or pearl bath. In addition to all these treatment and rehabilitation procedures, Haralds visits an osteopathy specialist and homeopath every month.

The results of his parents’ persistence – Haralds is trying to crawl, can hold items, eats solid food (not blended) and has improved vision.

Of course, rehabilitation courses play an integral part in improving Haralds’ health – in Truskavets, Gaiļezers, Vaivari and Baltezers.

Haralds’ parents perform all these treatment and rehabilitation procedures with the hope and assertiveness that they will teach Haralds how to sit, walk, speak and run. To be healthy and wholesome and to be a strong brother to his little sister.

In order to do this, hope lies in the rehabilitation sessions at Truskavets, Ukraine, which cost LVL 2 050. Unfortunately, the Zihmaņi family does not have enough money to visit the sanatorium; they therefore hope for your support. Let’s help little Haralds!

For more information about Haralds, please contact his mother, Dace, by calling: +371 29205453.

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