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Before you fly, plant a tree!

Offset your CO2 footprint and travel responsibly. We invite you to make a donation to plant new trees!

A CO2 footprint is a measure of the total carbon dioxide emissions caused directly and indirectly by human activities. The CO2 footprint can be calculated for air travel as for any activity, product or service. Air travel as a form of travel has a negative impact on the environment and climate. Even one flight can significantly increase one person's annual CO2 footprint.

If the amount of carbon dioxide emission is not specified on the air ticket, then the IATA - IATA CO2 Connect Calculator can be used to calculate it. For example, when flying Riga - Munich - Riga, you create at least 200 kg of CO2 . On the other hand, a family of three going on vacation to Tenerife or Dubai will create two tons of CO2. We can erase this imprint - in a way that is understandable and effective for everyone - by planting trees, creating new forest growth. The calculations of Rīgas meži specialists show that by planting 10 trees and carefully managing them for 50 years, one ton of carbon emissions is extinguished (one flight to tropical destination).

The world is currently actively working to reduce the CO2 footprint, so that the environment is cleaner and the CO2 footprint is smaller. One of the most effective ways to compensate your CO2 footprint is by planting trees. Furthermore, not planting trees in clearings or in places where they have already been growing, but creating new forest growth.

Travel responsibly! To offset the CO2 footprint of each flight, we invite you to make a donation to plant new trees! Every 5 euros offsets 200 kg of CO2

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