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Children’s Books for the Libraries of Latvia

In these economic times, more and more people are visiting libraries. Families can no longer afford to buy new books for themselves or for their children. Libraries are the only place where anyone can read books for free. Unfortunately, libraries also lack funding and new books for children can no longer be purchased. Book reading in comparison to computer games is already fighting for its important role in the harmonious and intellectual development of children. Currently, it is important that the newest books could reach the libraries and that the interest in reading would be maintained and developed.

Already for several years, the Children’s Literature Centre has implemented the reading promotion programme Bērnu žūrija (Children’s Jury). This is a very popular reading marathon among the young readers and has already become a tradition. 17 000 children from across Latvia ages 6 - 17 are participating in it.

If you read in colours, you will think in colours! Read, think, do! A book – it is an advantage! Read the book, the computer can wait! Don’t complain about boredom, read! – this is what children who enthusiastically read and evaluate books have said.

Let’s support the purchase of children’s books for the libraries of Latvia! Let the newest and best books reach their little readers!

Project goal: to purchase books for the libraries of Latvia. Five most current books in the amount of LVL 22.50 will be purchased for one library. In total, it is planned to support 200 libraries in Latvia, presenting each one a collection of five books; the total amount will be LVL 4 500.

Project implementer: Support association of the Latvian National Library in cooperation with the Children’s Literature Centre of the Latvian National Library

Project published in the portal: 8 May 2009

The Project is placed online on: 08.05.2009

Project completed 04.03.2011 for donations does not charge any commissions or brokerage fees. All the donated money reaches 100% for its intended purpose. administrative costs not covered by your donations.

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