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Support for Mia Samoviča

Mia was born prematurely, weighing 1 090 grams. Her diagnosis: infantile cerebral palsy, spastic tetraparesis with contractions in the knees, feet and elbow joints. Now Mia is seven years old.

Because of movement problems, physical activity is very limited, but Mia is active and social. She attends school in Riga and has successfully completed 1st grade. Despite her physical problems, she has many friends at school.

When Mia was four, the family started visits to the International Clinic in Truskavets, Ukraine and learned that this programme not only helped Mia to adapt to circumstances of life, but also to develop new skills and abilities. Since then, Mia has been in Truskavets four times. As a result of the treatment, Mia has taken her first steps. After each treatment, significant improvements are achieved and Mia is very happy about her every success and dreams about the day she will be able to walk and run on her own. Thanks to the rehabilitation programme developed at the Clinic, Mia is now able to move around on her own at home and she uses wheelchair only for her walks. However, rehabilitation must be continued to teach the girl to move on her own.

Two rehabilitation courses per year for Mia cost LVL 4 200. Mia’s family can no longer provide this rehabilitation themselves, and really hope for the support of the contributors to give their child the chance to walk on her own. Let’s help Mia!

For more information about Mia, please contact her mother, Svetlana Martinova, by calling +371 29453373 or by writing .

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