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Let's help Arttu Mikael Airiainen

Arttu is a Finn who has been living and working in Latvia for 25 years and speaks Latvian very well. Arttu has been working for 25 years in various large companies in Latvija and is very loved and respected by colleagues and employees. However, their lives have not been spared. His late wife was killed in a tragic car accident five years ago. It was a difficult experience when Arttu's 10, 15 and 16-year-old children were left without a mother.

"When we met, he was a man broken by grief, then gradually the joy of life began to return. We started a family, I have two children myself, now we have five children together. He is the most positive, passionate and caring person I have ever met in my life," says Arttu Laila.

At the end of this summer, Arttu felt back pain and noticed weight loss. Visits to doctors' offices, physiotherapy, examinations began, and in mid-November only a diagnosis of a pancreatic tumor was discovered. "Everyone felt completely shuttered and scared, I can't even describe this horrible feeling we felt. Of course, it is the hardest thing that Arttu’s children have to go through.
Nevertheless, finding the necessary chemo for the treatment of patients .
I realized the need to act quickly, and began to ask for help from foreign clinics with a letter containing the diagnosis. Many clinics declined for help due to Covid and would allow admission starting February. I was already in despair that I couldn't describe, when I sent a letter to Hallwang Clinic and on on November 22 we arrived at the clinic in Germany." says Laila. Family funds and saving have supported the ongoing research of the disease and treatment for now. There are currently 3 more visits scheduled to the Hallwang Clinic in January and February, which cost € 30,797.20 each , as well as treatment with Keytruda every 3 weeks for € 4,363.24 each. These are only part of the costs that are currently known, but the German clinic points out that there is a long process ahead, possibly lasting up to 2 years.

"Arttu is a very active person who really loves life and does not intend to give in to this diagnosis. We have spent all possible resources to improve Arttu's health, but five children need to be educated and fed as well. Our current financial resources are exhausted. I sincerely ask for your help, "reveals Arttu 's wife, Laila, and from the bottom of her heart asks for help from supporters.

Let's help Arttu!

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