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Lets Help Olga Romanova

Olga from Riga is 52 years old, and the family has two daughters, aged 19 and 20, who are still looking for a place in their lives and need parental support.

Olga worked as an accountant but lost her job, and an accident happened soon after. In the autumn of last year, Olga experienced stroke-like symptoms and was taken to a hospital.
However, she was found to have a brain tumor called glioblastoma. Olga underwent two surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy. Cancer had severely affected the entire left side of the body, making it immobile and sensory. Olga needs help and care to meet her daily needs. Olga's husband is the only earner in the family and has taken care of his seriously ill wife, working from home.

In addition to chemotherapy, the Council of Physicians has prescribed Bevacizumab. However, the state does not reimburse this medication for Olga's diagnosis. Olga has applied for individual drug reimbursement, at least partially, but a response is yet to be found. The family bought two doses at their own expense, but they are asking for peer support for further treatment.
Olga suffers from severe headaches and nausea, but these symptoms subsided after the first dose. The medicine costs from € 1,345.56 to € 1,573.40 are needed every 2 weeks until at least the end of the year, for a total of at least € 24,844.92. 

Let's help Olga!

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