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Support for Renāts Kirilovs

Renāts was born in the 37th week of pregnancy. He suffered from a lack of oxygen and health problems related to it that will haunt him for the rest of his life – he has infantile cerebral palsy in the form of brain damage and psychomotor development delay. Currently, Rolands is four and a half years old and suffers from motor and speech disabilities. His mother is wants to provide her child with rehabilitation courses in Truskavets, Ukraine, because it could maximally improve his health.

Renāts’ mother says: "During the rehabilitation period, several changes in Renāts’ health could be observed: micromotor movements of his hands improved, spasms in his legs have decreased. He tries to stand up by holding onto his bed – he also learned to crawl and sit up by himself and he has become more active. Renāts became more confident about walking while being held by both hands. Meanwhile, Renāts has started to pronounce several syllables”.

Renāts' parents would like to provide him with repeated rehabilitation in Truskavets. The skills acquired there have to be enforced by exercises, massage, Reitertherapy, swimming pool training and a visit to the osteopath. Each of these activities cost LVL 500 – 1 000 per year and Renāts’ parents have to decide on the most financially available type of rehabilitation

For more information about Renāts, please contact his mother, Inna Garijeva, by calling +371 29790721 or by writing .

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