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Support for Mila Kuzmina

Four years ago, twins were born in the Rēzekne Maternity Ward in the seventh month of their mother’s pregnancy – a boy Dmitrijs and a girl Mila. Doctors were delighted with their appropriate weight – 2 200 grams – and the children stayed in Rēzekne, although they should have been transferred to a hospital with appropriate therapy and equipment for prematurely born children.

Unfortunately, because of the lack of oxygen, little Mila experienced seizures on her third day after being born and the children were immediately transferred to Jēkabpils hospital. But it was too late, and during the seizure Mila suffered severe brain damage of the left hemisphere. After diagnosing Mila, her rehabilitation and treatment courses were started in the all available treatment locations in Latvia – at the Children’s Hospital in Vienības Avenue, at Vaivari Rehabilitation Centre, as were special massage and exercise courses.

Mila was diagnosed with infantile cerebral palsy. The right side of her body is weakly developed. Mila cannot move her right arm, has vision problems and drags her right leg when walking.

In spring 2008 and with the support of contributors, it was possible to provide Mila with a rehabilitation course at the Clinic in Truskavets. After completing this course, her health improved. She learnt how to ride a bike, tries not to walk on her toes, and has started to use her right arm to perform daily functions. Doctors say that there is a hope for complete recovery, but regular rehabilitation at Truskavets is necessary.

Please help Mila recover. Support from other people is really important. Let’s help Mila!

For more information about Mila, please contact her mother by calling: +371 22312065.

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