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Support for Iļja Vasakovs

Iļja is two years and six months old. Diagnosis – infantile cerebral palsy. Iļja was born in the 29th week of pregnancy. He weighed only 1 890 grams. The first month of his life was spent in the hospital. At the age of three months, Iļja’s vision was examined and doctors found no problems. However, his mother noticed some time later that Iļja had vision problems because at the age of six months he was not looking at his toys. The fact that Iļja was still not crawling or rolling over was explained as the result of his premature birth and that there was no reason to worry.

At the age of eight months, Iļja vision was again examined; a whole range of diagnoses were discovered – spastic tetraparesis, central nervous system damage and optic nerve atrophy. Later on, psychomotor development delay was also discovered.

With the support of contributors, Iļja has already been to the Institute of Medical Technologies in Moscow, which provided a stem cell transplant. He also completed a rehabilitation course in the International Clinic of Rehabilitation in Truskavets. Already, the results are obvious and Iļja’s parents hope that their son will recover!

Iļja needs to continue treatment!

To achieve even better results, the Institute of Medical Technologies in Moscow has to be visited four times a year and the rehabilitation course in the International Clinic of Rehabilitation in Truskavets has to be completed at least twice a year.

LVL 8 000 are needed to receive this rehabilitation.

Let’s help Iļja!

For more information about Iļja, please contact his mother by calling +371 20264610.

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