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Support for Gundega Rotberga

Gundega was born in 2002. Before, her name was Nikola, but in 2009 our daughter expressed a desire to change her name. She asked for her new name to be Gundega.

During her first years of life, Gundega was diagnosed with a rare disease, a type of Lissencephaly – Miller-Dieker syndrome. Gundega is the only child in Latvia with such a diagnosis. The doctors here have no experience working with this disease; for this reason we are looking for the possibility to help our daughter outside Latvia. We have consulted doctors in Germany, Russia and India. We found an institute in the United States (www.iahp.or) that has over 50 years of experience working with children, who have different types of brain damage. If the philosophical guideline of the Institute had to be summarised in one sentence, then it would be – the brain grows by use.

Thanks to and to people who support Gundega and our family, we have already visited the Institute in the United States for four times, where an intensive rehabilitation programme for Gundega is prepared for half a year, which we are implementing at home on our own and also with some help.

By working regularly, we have already achieved very good results – Gundega’s seizures have decreased in number (before the programme she had about 50 seizures per day, every day, while she currently has had up to four weeks with no seizures), she is not as spastic, her body is physically stronger and she is able to hold and to control her body better; her intellect is highly developed.

Studying according to the Institute programme, Gundega is now reading books in Latvian, Russian and English, then writes reviews on what she has read. She is still not able to talk, but she is communicating with us using the computer or with alphabet letter cards. Gundega writes poems and in her spare time really loves to draw with watercolours.

We still need to go to the Institute in the United States where we could help improve Gundega’s quality of life with the cooperating of our specialist. Each visit costs LVL 6 000, which covers the treatment and travelling expenses for Gundega and her parents.

We hope that some day she will be able to say THANK YOU by herself!

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