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Support for Andrejs Arikāns

Andrejs is five and a half years old. Diagnosis – organic CNS damage with Dandy-Walker syndrome. He has impaired motor coordination; he is unable to care for himself and moves around on his knees. He does not talk, but understands everything.

Andrejs has completed rehabilitation courses at the Children’s Clinical Hospital Gaiļezers, as well as at Vaivari Rehabilitation Centre.

Andrejs’ parents devote much effort to helping their son recover. He has been treated in Truskavets, Ukraine, at V.I. Kozjavkins. He has also been to Saint Petersburg at the Rehabilitation Institute “Возвращение” (The Comeback).

But another hope has appeared – the Rehabilitation Centre "Euromed” in Poland. An “Adeli” costume is used during the treatment. The treatment course is four weeks long and includes six intensive training sessions a day. The course must be repeated three times a year.
A single course costs EUR 6 500. Andrejs’ parents do not have the finances to cover this treatment.

Every mother and father wants their child to be healthy and happy. Andrejs’ parents also wish that Andrejs could be happy in life the same as other children and that he would be no different than the others. Let’s give Andrejs that opportunity.

Andrejs’ family is thankful to everyone who has helped him.

For more information about Andrejs, please contact his father by calling +371 29421516.

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