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Support for Anastasija Luse

Anastasija is three years old. She has glaucoma of the left eye. The vision loss for the left eye is -17. She currently uses a contact lens.

Anastasija likes to draw and sing. She is good at remembering the stories her mother reads to her.

Anastasija has a twin sister, who has the 3rd level of hearing impairment.

Since the girls were born, their mother has not worked because the girls are often sick and require constant care. Their father is unemployed.

With the support of contributors, a surgery was provided at the Children’s Clinical Hospital in Saint Petersburg. After Anastasija’s surgery, the ocular pressure and glaucoma were decreased and her headaches disappeared. She also no longer complains about pain in her eyes. Anastasija has become calmer and happier.

To maintain her vision, two yearly visits to the Children’s Clinical Hospital in Saint Petersburg are necessary. The degree of glaucoma has to be identified and decreased.

It is necessary to continue the treatment. LVL 884 are needed per year.

The family is asking for the support of contributors because they cannot afford the treatment themselves.

For more information about Anastasija, please contact her mother, Ludmila, by calling +371 29171141.

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