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Small steps towards the big life

From the moment a child is born, parents wait with great joy and excitement for their little one to smile for the first time, raise his head, start crawling and take his first steps. Unfortunately, for parents whose baby is born with a movement disorder, some of these first times are waited for years or never come at all. Every new movement and skill comes through a lot of struggle, determination and work both for the little one and for their parents. This usually means regular visits to therapists, doctors, and surgeries that require you to relearn the skills you've already learned.

In order to provide children with the best possible and most appropriate therapy, the POGA center has purchased an innovative Rysen gait and balance training device with the support of donors in 2022. Children who have never stood on their own two feet, with the support of Rysen, are able to get up from a wheelchair and experience what we take for granted every day - walking. The Rysen system allows them to develop correct gait by providing body weight support for unlimited freedom of movement. 

The new three-dimensional body support suspension system provides gait and balance therapy in free space - the child learns to walk by walking forward, sideways, bend or jump across the room. Gait training technologies used so far are mostly stationary gait robots, where gait is trained while walking in place. For children with gait disorders, the RYSEN device provides unprecedented freedom of movement and excellent therapy. RYSEN supports various activities such as standing up and sitting down, balance training, walking over obstacles and free walking.

The system can be adapted to each child individually, providing exactly the support he needs. In addition, the system has several safety features that prevent it from falling or hitting the wall, thus protecting the little patient, giving a much-needed sense of security. At the same time, the specialist does not need to hold the child, which gives the opportunity to expand the possibilities of rehabilitation and to play football or basketball together with the little ones.

The price of one Rysen session is 45 euros. During one rehabilitation course, a child needs up to 15 such sessions. Let's support POGAS' little patients, helping them take steps towards a big life!

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