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Palīdzība Markam Adrianam Bobrovam

Mark is 7. The boy was born absolutely healthy, and nothing wrong appeared to be with him until 2 years of age. When Mark turned 2, his first words disappeared, he was no more maintaining an eye-contact or reacting to his own name. When his parents first heard about Mark's possible autism, they were shocked. Since then, they have attended dozens of medical professionals and engaged in lots of sessions and therapies. Mark's mom and dad have been doing everything that is possible to help him.

The most efficient method appears to be ABA-therapy because since the first sessions it seemed like Marks started to cross the bridge over to the real world.

Despite Marks autism diagnosis, he is a very active and talented boy. He is deeply interested in numbers and letters, he can learn different types of transport and ocean creatures for hours.

Specialists, who work with Mark recommend regular non-stop ABA-sessions, which are expected to give brilliant results and will strongly support the family's efforts. Unfortunately, Latvian state does not pay any ABA-therapy, and the parents are forced to cover its expenses by themselves. To ensure an 8-month ABA-therapy course, it is now necessary to raise 4530 Euro. Together we can help Mark to train new, vital life-skills and learn to be a part of society. United, we can do it!

The Project is placed online on: 05.10.2021

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