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Let's help Viesturs Zariņš

Viesturs and his family desperately need our help. Viesturs is 53 years old and has been battling cancer for the last two years. Last year, a malignant tumor was also discovered to Viestura's wife Jolanta. Jolanta will start treatment in the near future and will hopefully be paid for by the state. The situation is more complicated in the case of Viesturs.

The Zariņi family lived most of their life in Ogre. There are four fantastic children in the family. The eldest daughters have already grown up, but the youngest son is only 14 years old. Viesturs has worked for a carpentry company he has established, and has been the main provider for the family. Viesturs has always been an active person - pursuing an active and healthy lifestyle, taking care that children have a good education and opportunities to stand on their own two feet in the future. Friends describe Viestura as a helpful, friendly and bright person. He has always been optimistic, cheerful and has an immeasurable ability to work. But now his illness has put his life on hold and he needs help.

When Viesturs was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer two years ago, he did not give up and began to fight for his recovery. Viesturs used everything that Latvian medicine has to offer and patiently survived all heavy chemotherapy treatments, did not give up when they discovered metastases in the lungs and fought to overcome them. Viesturs’ family was there all the time, and together they overcame difficult times and celebrated victories. Last year, it was revealed that the aggressive tumor has found a new place - the parotid gland.

After a recent course of chemotherapy, Viesturs’ body is very exhausted, but he is determined to fight and take every opportunity to live. Along with medical treatment in Latvia, the family began to seek medical treatment abroad. Currently, an offer has been received from the Hallwang Clinic in Germany, which, after reviewing Viesturs’ documents, offers a 6-week course of treatment. The cost of the course is very high - 112032.55 euros. It is a large amount and the family cannot afford to pay, so they ask for help from their peers.

Let's help Viesturs!

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