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Help Natalia Jefanova

Natalia is 53 years old, she lives in Ventspils, Latvia. For the past 10 years, Natalia has been working at 2nd Ventspils Secondary School. One day she woke up and realised that her skin went yellow. After seeing the doctor Natalia was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer with liver metastases. After some treatments, cancer started to progress, even more, doctors prescribed the medication called Abraxane which only can help her. Unfortunately, this medicine is not paid by the Government. The monthly course costs 2084.88 EUR. Duration of the treatment is 6 months. The total cost of the treatment is 12509.28 EUR Natalia does not have such funds, so she asks caring people to help. "THIS IS MY LAST HOPE. LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL, AND I WANT TO LIVE," says Natalia and asks kind-hearted people to help her overcome this terrible disease.

Let's help Natalia in this hard time!

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