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Help for Vadim Petkun

Vadim is a 22-year-old IT student of Daugavpils University in Latvia. He's got his parents, an 11-year-old sister and a lovely girlfriend. The family lives in Kraslava. Everything would have been perfect but last spring Vadim developed fiver, fatigue and his lymphatic nodes swelled... After a thorough examination he was diagnosed with lymph leukaemia, or a cancer of blood cells. The news came as a huge shock -- Vadim has always lead a healthy life style, never drank, never smoked, exercised regularly and was a good student.

So the fight with the disease has begun, and he started his treatment at the hospital. Unfortunately the treatment, that lasted for a year in Latvia, wasn't successful and it didn't stop the disease. The family started looking for other options and treatments available in European clinics.

They have found the Charite Clinic in Germany that offers a treatment for Vadim but it is very expensive. Vadim had a consultation with a council of doctors in Latvia and they approved the treatment offered by Charite Clinic. However, the state insurance doesn't cover this kind of treatments. The treatment offered to Vadim costs €52,990. It is a huge amount for Vadim and his family, but his life depends on it. Even a small donation from you can help to save his life.     

In this fight with the disease every day counts, so let's help Vadim!

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