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Help for Tatyana Kirhenstein

Tatyana is 66 years old. Throughout her life she worked as an accountant in one of the largest state factories. Tatyana is a bright and positive person with a wonderful sense of humor, great work ethic and energy. She has always helped everyone who needed help and support. But now she needs your help.

Shortly before retirement at the age of 61, Tatyana’s eyesight worsened in her left eye. After further tests  specialists found an oncological disease in the third stage of eye melanoma. Immediately, eye surgery was performed and the eye was permanently lost. From then on, according to the doctor's advice, Tatyana regularly checked all the internal organs twice a year, as well as other necessary tests.

However, after four years, this spring computer tomography showed melanoma metastases in the liver. There was also a biopsy that confirmed the diagnosis. On the advice of her doctors she  was prescribed a course of immunotherapy with Keytruda (Pembrolizumab). Although these medicines are partly state-reimbursed, Tatyana needs to pay 4332.36 euros every 3 weeks. The first dose of the drug Tatyana was purchased with family support, but a total of EUR 73,650.12 is needed for a year-long course.

For Tatyana the most important asset is family. She has two wonderful, educated sons who are very caring for Tatyana throughout their years and do their best for her. But unfortunately the family is unable to provide such a large amount of money.

Despite all the difficulties, she is ready to fight the disease and beat it. She regularly goes for long walks of at least 6 -7 kilometers. Tatyana wants to live, follow and support all positive changes in the country, become and grandmother and  and see her grandchildren  grow.

Let's help Tatyana!

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