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Friends Scholarship

The goal of the Vītols Fund is to use scholarships to help hard-working, talented, but poor young people to study at one of the Latvia’s universities. More than 180 donors – companies, organizations, funds and individuals, have joined the Vītols Fund establishing their own scholarships to help students.

Thanks to donations of many people 16 students receive the Friends scholarship.

There were 323 young people from all over Latvia who applied for the 2015-2016 academic year scholarships. Among them there were 13 orphans, 101 applicant from single parent families and 39 applicants from low income families. Nevertheless 38 applicants have outstanding school results, their grade point average is more than 9, and they have achievements in academic competitions at regional and state level.

The size of the scholarship is 1500 EUR per academic year. The Vītols Fund does not withhold an administration fee from the Friends scholarship.

Ugis comes from a large family. One of his youngest brothers is a disabled person from birth. Ugis is being raised by a single mother, his parents had divorced. Mother has worked as a teacher in a small village school, but now she is unemployed. Ugis is very responsive, helpful, hardworking in his studies and active in his school life. He was a president of student self-government for two years. Ugis cannot imagine his life without a theatre – he acts in a local youth theatre group. His wish is to study at the Riga Technical University.

Aiga is being raised by a single father, who is working in a local company as a repairman. He earns only a minimum wage.  Parents got divorced when Aiga was 9. Mother doesn’t show any interest in his daughter and neither gives any financial aid. Father provides all the necessary things for daughter. Aiga is very determined, accurate, dutiful and friendly.  She is interested in biology, chemistry, but also the other school subjects don’t make any difficulties for her. Her hobby is photography. She likes to read about new discoveries in science, especially in microbiology and medicine. During her leisure she likes to take photos of nature views. Aiga wants to study biology.

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