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Friends' Bursary 2018

Vītols Fund (issuer of the Friends' Bursary 2018) gives bursaries to talented, diligent, low income young people so they can afford to go to college. The Fund has been issuing these bursaries for 16 years already, supported by individuals, organizations and businesses, even previous bursary recipients. Thanks to these donors, 12 students currently receive bursaries and 285 have applied for the 2018/2019 bursary. Of these 285 applicants, 12 are orphans, 93 are from single parent households and 41 come from low income households (as defined and certified by the government). Despite that, 54 have particular intellect as demonstrated by their GPA (9+ out of 10) and many have won places to compete in both regional and national olympiads.

Maija - Maija's parents are divorced, and Maija grew up in a single parent household with her mother. Shortly after Maija turned 18, her mother died and Maija was left alone. Her older brother had a family of his own, and she didn't feel accepted or valued by her father's new family. Her mother's sisters helped her as much as they could, but they had three small children to raise.

Maija's passions are sports and drawing and in her free time she reads. She is currently studying for the entrance exam into Riga's technical university for drawing and if she is successful, she will study architecture.

Rita - Rita lives with her mother and her grandmother who has special needs. Her father is absent and uninterested. When Rita was 10, she was diagnosed with leukemia and while she beat the disease, it left her with hearing and sight trouble. In spite of that, Rita is very active. She is on the student council and in 12th grade was elected class president. She dances in a cultural dance group and sings in the choir and after graduating from music school continues to develop her skills as a pianist both as a soloist and in a group. Her dream is to study at the Latvian Cultural Academy.

Paula - Paula lives in the countryside and after she finished primary school she was accepted without an entrance exam into the prestigious Riga State Gymnasium No 1. However due to cost, she was unable to attend and therefore continued her studies in the rural high school. Paula lives with her mother who has severe health problems, and whose foot was amputated as a result several years ago. Their only income is a disability pension from the government which Paula supplements by working every summer so that they can purchase basic necessities. Paula is driven, hungry for knowledge and is blessed with a sharp mind. She enjoys reading and is preparing to compete in the regional olympiad in math. She would like to study information technology.

A one year bursary is 1500 EUR, and all of your donations go directly to supporting these young people. No admin fees are taken from your donations!

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