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For mums with special children

A mother's love is endless. But to raise a seriously ill child, a mum must also be very strong. It is emotionally and physically draining. Usually mums of special children cannot work payed jobs because they need to be with their baby all the time. This means that they rarely leave home alone, not to mention being able to have time on their own. Many mums, through the care of their sick children, become seriously ill themselves. These include both back problems and joint and bone problems. But what hurts most are the souls of these mums. On the one hand there is despair and guilt, and on the other hand there is hopelessness and emptiness.

A mum needs the support of those around her to have enough strength and love. Relatives and friends can provide it, but sometimes it is not enough because specific knowledge and skills are needed.

The charity project "For mums of special children" provides both practical and emotional support to mums of seriously ill children. Support for one mum ranges from 15 euros for a therapeutic back massage to several hundred to solve more complex problems. Let's help mums of special children to ease their daily worries and carry the weight of their lives and realise that they too are loved and needed, and at the moment of despair can get the support they need!


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